Helen Stephenson's Yorkshire Holiday Pictures - October, 2007 - Colsterdale

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On Wednesday we drove to Masham (pronounced "Massam"), where we turned up Colsterdale and worked our way up via Fearby and Healey and past the Leighton Reservoir.

These pictures were captured using a Pentax K10D digital SLR camera.

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The pictures on this page are snapshots. They could have been so much more if I'd only hauled my tripod out of the car and mounted my camera on it; and possibly used a neutral density filter at times, too. There is only so much that the shake reduction feature of my DSLR can accomplish, and I got a bit too reliant on it here and should have used a tripod.

Anyway, I've done some work in PhotoShop, including using unsharp mask rather more liberally than I really care to, and the set of pictures I've ended up with are a good memento of our drive up Colsterdale.


Our first stop on our trip up Colsterdale was at Leighton Reservoir, where we enjoyed the scenery and watched the fishermen trying their luck.




The fisherman on the left was having some success. We saw him make a catch, which he subsequently released.



The views across the reservoir to the other side of the dale were worth a second glance.







Here are two views concentrating on the opposite hillside.



We crossed the end of the reservoir on this bridge with its stone arches, after which we left the side of the reservoir and began climbing upwards towards Masham Moor.



We got some more views of the reservoir looking back from high ground.






There were some rather windswept-looking trees on the high ground.






This house was perched up high and the setting looked rather desolate.


Lower down on the hills, these pictures are much lusher. There's a small village with a church spire in the distance of the picture on the left.






I believe this homestead on the edge of the reservoir has turned out to be one of the better pictures I took, so I'll finish there.


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